Furniture Storage

There are loads of reasons people need to store furniture in Norwich. Maybe short term furniture storage in Norwich or long term secure storage in Norwich.

Maybe they are having building works or redecoration carried out and need to get furniture out of the way for a while to keep it safe. Our Norwich furniture storage solution is perfect for this. Put your furniture in storage in Norwich whilst you have work done, then when your building works or decoration work is complete, return the furniture to your home.

Other reasons people store furniture in Norwich can include having furniture which doesn’t fit, either due to size or style, but because of sentimental value, or the prospect of using it in another home in the future means that people want to store furniture in Norwich until they are ready to use it again, or until they can pass it on to someone else who will be able to use it.

Whatever reason you are looking for storage space in Norwich for your furniture, Viking Self Storage in Norwich has the perfect sized unit for your needs.