Home Decoration

When you are having home improvement works carried out it is often easier to clear a lot of your household possessions out of the way to give the trades space to carry out their work unhindered. As well as giving them the space to undertake their work, it also allows you to ensure your goods won’t be damaged by the works being carried out.

Brick dust damage, scratches to furniture, splashes of paint, leaking pipes or just having your home open to the elements are all risks that can be avoided. Also building sites can attract criminals so you don’t really want to leave your valuable possessions in a dangerous environment where they won’t be safe.

If you are looking for secure storage in Norwich during building works, whether it is short term storage in Norwich or long term Norwich storage you are looking for, Viking Self Storage offers the perfect solution to keep your household possessions safe and secure during building works in Norwich, or whilst your home is being decorated.